What to put on your Home Buying Wish List

Posted by on Thursday, October 27th, 2016 at 1:45pm

When you are looking for a home, you undoubtedly have a wish list in mind. This wish list makes up your dream home and could include everything from a finished basement to a move-in ready home. But, first-time homebuyers aren’t often realistic about what sort of home they can actually afford and what they can truly live without. This article will detail what needs to stay on a first-time homebuyer’s wish list and what needs to come off.

What stays on

Square footage/bedrooms

Only you know how much space you need for your family. Here you should be realistic about what constitutes large or small. As a first-time homebuyer, your dreams of a 3000-square foot home may not come true. You should know how many bedrooms you need and not sacrifice on this or you may be putting your home up for sale in a few years. As well, you may want a dining room, but if you don’t already have the furniture for it, you don’t technically need it. Know which rooms you are willing to live without before setting out on your first viewings.


One of the most important factors in your home search is your location. You’ll obviously need to find a neighborhood that has homes in your price range, but location should be the one thing on your wish list that doesn’t get crossed off. Where you live is so important in terms of home value, proximity to schools and work and in finding the right kind of community for your current lifestyle.

Storage space

This one is on the border between a want and a need. If you have a lot of stuff, you need somewhere to put it, although an amazing home in a great neighborhood shouldn’t be shunned because of its lack of storage space. First, go through what you have and see what you can get rid of and then determine if the home you are looking at will hold all your possessions.

Updated plumbing and wiring

Unless you want a big job and a huge bill after move-in, this should always be on your wish list. Only a flipper would want a home that needed to have its plumbing or electrical updated and this job usually proves to be too much for the first-time buyer. Get an inspection and walk away if your home requires any work in these areas.

What to cross off

Rather than cross off the things you want in a home, you could start a second “nice to have” list. What should go on this list?

  • ·        A pool
  • ·        A large yard
  • ·        Move-in ready
  • ·        Updated kitchens and bathrooms
  • ·        Freshly painted
  • ·        Landscaped
  • ·        Hardwood floors

You get the picture. If you need any help in your Jacksonville-area home search, let me know!

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