What to Keep in Mind when Searching for Homes Online

Posted by on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 at 12:53pm

Gone truly are the days of relying on your real estate professional to provide you with all of the newest real estate listings. In are the days of searching for your dream home on the internet. This doesn’t mean you no longer need a real estate professional, as you’ll still need someone to show you the homes, guide you through the home-buying process and be your advocate during the purchase. Rather, by searching for your home online, you can be sure to show your real estate professional exactly what you want.

Smoke and Mirrors

When looking for a home online, you do have to remember that these homes are very well-marketed. Eloquent descriptions of updated kitchens, photos shot to make 10x10 rooms appear spacious and virtual tours with engaging music are all simple ploys to get you into the home viewing. Many times, potential buyers come back disappointed because their dream home online was not the dream home in person. Take everything you see online with a grain of salt and remember these tricks that are used to lure you to the home. What you see in person is actually what you get.

Compare listings

What is great about looking for homes online is that you can see what is on offer in your desired neighborhood and compare the homes to each other. It is an easy way to see average price points, average sizes and styles of the homes there. That means when it comes time to view a home, you’ll know right off the bat if it is overpriced or lacks what the other homes in the neighborhood may have.

Makes you an expert

Because you are doing your own research online, you’ll become an expert in what you can get for how much. You’ll also realize exactly what you do want (that you may not have thought about) and exactly what you don’t want, after seeing these features online. For example, you may have a picture in your mind that an eat-in kitchen is what you truly love, but after looking at homes online with eat-in kitchens, you may realize that the functionality isn’t really there for you. You can then tailor your home search to not include eat-in kitchens. Similarly, you may have thought that you don’t need a finished basement, but after looking at homes with finished basements online and their many uses, you may decide that a finished basement is something that your family could use.

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