What does a Kitchen Renovation Really Cost?

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Rather than move to a new home with a beautiful kitchen, many Jacksonville homeowners are opting to renovate their out-of-date kitchens in order to provide beauty, functionality and purpose. But, many who do renovations go in blind to the true cost. What does it really cost to renovate a kitchen in Jacksonville?

Average reported costs

On average, it costs nearly $22,000 to renovate a kitchen in Jacksonville. On the low end, you can do it for $10,000, but some spend over $30,000. The average is close to the national average, but those numbers are within a wider range, with a low-cost kitchen costing only $4,500 and a high-cost kitchen costing $50,000.

Costs to consider

When you are considering your renovation budget, you may be only considering the big items like appliances, flooring, cabinets and countertops. But, you can’t forget some of the smaller costs that add up quickly, which can include:

·         Lighting

·         Ventilation

·         Hardware

·         Doors and windows

·         Walls and ceilings

·         Faucets

You should also consider the labor costs, as this may be one of your largest budget items. If you want to get a designer in to help you, this is another additional cost to consider.

Ways to save

Of course, doing it yourself will save you the most amount of money, but be honest with how much you can do to make it look good. There is no use spending over $20,000 on a new kitchen for it to look like a child put up the cupboards.

Rather than getting everything custom, investing in stock cupboards and counters might save you a bundle. You won’t notice a huge difference, but your bank account will. The same goes for the lighting, hardware, flooring and other costs – if you can buy what’s in stock, especially when it’s on sale, you’ll definitely save on your renovation costs.

What to budget

When considering your budget, it is always a good idea to build in a contingency of 10% or more for unforeseen costs. These could include labor that takes longer than estimated, products that need to be changed, shipping costs for products, electrical or plumbing issues that may pop up or just general changes in the design after the work has started.

Build for your neighborhood

While a new kitchen renovation is definitely on the list for many Jacksonville home buyers and the value of your home will inevitably go up with doing a kitchen renovation, you do need to consider what homes are selling for in your neighborhood. A very costly kitchen renovation won’t earn its money back in an area where homes are lower-cost. Speak to a real estate professional about the expected value you can attain from doing a kitchen renovation in your neighborhood before you start.

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