The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide to Staging Your Home

Posted by on Friday, March 24th, 2017 at 2:48pm

Did you know that homes that are staged sell faster and for more money? For every $100 that you invest into staging, your potential return is about $400. Staged homes sell for about 17% more on average and 87% faster than non-staged homes. So, how do you stage a home?

Step 1: Get rid of as much as you can

One of the biggest reasons staged homes look bigger and cleaner is that a large number of items are removed from the home. This includes furniture, decor and even functional items. Counters should be mainly cleared and even shelves shouldn’t have stuff piled on them. But, don’t think that you can just shove everything into a closet or storage area, because this area needs to be staged too. Buyers want to see that they’ll have space for all their stuff.

Step 2: Clean like Martha Stewart

Why do staged homes look so clean? Because they are! Ask yourself, what would Martha do? She would clean the baseboards, trim, door handles, fans, vents, switch plates and pretty much everything you haven’t really paid much attention to in years.

Step 3: Add lighting and mirrors

In this case, we do want the “smoke and mirrors” effect. A home that is bright and large is going to make an impact on buyers. But, what if your home is dark and small? Give it some light by adding lamps and mirrors.

Step 4: Don’t be personal

Buyers want to imagine the space as somewhere that they can call home and if they see your children’s drawings on the fridge and a photo of your last trip to the Caribbean in the bathroom, it brings them back to reality. In terms of a staged home, reality isn’t the effect you are going for. You want the space to be as neutral as possible and look like a show home, and not really the place where you raised six kids.

Step 5: Be neutral

Speaking of neutral, those colors do best to please buyers. While there will be the odd buyer out there who loves neon green dining rooms, you aren’t marketing to them specifically. Keep the paint and furnishings as neutral as possible to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Of course, a few color accents are always welcome and will bring color and light to the space.

Step 6: Make the bed and make it good

Now is the time to get out your best linens and if you don’t have them, buy some. A messy bed with a tattered duvet is going to detract from all the hard work you’ve already done. Don’t let a buyer’s last impression be of your dishevelled sleeping spot. While you’re at it, buy pillows of varying sizes and stack them on the beds (especially in the master) to give the appearance of opulence.

Step 7: Don’t worry about the kids

This is the step where we throw out all of the above rules and say leave it alone. Most buyers don’t buy a home based on how the kid’s rooms look. Leave them as is and put your attention elsewhere. Of course, you do want your kids to pick up their toys and make their beds, but other than that, leave the paint and the furnishings and go to town on the rest of your home.

If you need any help with staging, I am an expert at that! Give me a call!

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