Saving Energy in your New Home

Posted by on Friday, October 14th, 2016 at 11:24am

Energy use in Florida can be quite high. The results are that you’ll spend an inordinate amount of money on energy bills, plus you aren’t doing the environment any favors. Reducing your energy consumption is good for you and everyone around you. But, how do you do it?

Air conditioning

More than one quarter of the energy consumed in Florida is due to air conditioning. This makes sense in our tropical climate, but it is four times the national average. Most people in Florida use central air, which is an efficient way to cool a home, but if you can stand it, you’ll be better of turning off your air conditioning and cooling your home in less expensive ways:

  • ·        Keep your blinds closed
  • ·        Close doors and vents to rooms you don’t use often
  • ·        Fill a bowl with ice and place a fan in front of it
  • ·        Turn on the ceiling fans (set to rotate counter-clockwise)
  • ·        Cool yourself, not your house
  • ·        Turn on bathroom fans
  • ·        Open the windows at night when it is cooler
  • ·        Switch to CFLs as incandescent lights emit heat
  • ·        Cook outside
  • ·        Plant trees around your home for shade


The second-largest energy sucker in Florida is appliances. There are a number of ways you can reduce your energy consumption when it comes to your household appliances. Cook on the grill instead of the stove and this will also have the dual effect of not heating up your home and causing your air conditioning to run. If you have more than one fridge or freezer, decide if you can live without these. Sure, buying in bulk saves you money, but not if you are paying a fortune to keep the bulk foods cool. Try drying your clothes on the line instead of in the dryer, or only do a quick dry on them after they’ve been laid out to dry to freshen them up.

Electronics and lights

The best way to save energy costs on your electronics and lighting is to shut them off when you aren’t using them. This does sound like common sense, but it isn’t always getting done. Use a power strip and this will reduce your energy drain from equipment that is always plugged on, even when it isn’t on. Another idea is to unplug things aren’t using and always buy Energy Star products.

Saving energy will be good for your wallet and you’ll feel good knowing you are doing your part to reduce energy consumption in Florida.

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