Must-Do Storage Hacks for a Small Laundry Room

Posted by on Friday, November 30th, 2018 at 5:16pm

If you have a larger family, you likely dream of the day when you could have a beautiful and spacious laundry room. For many homes, this room is very small and crowded and it can make any storage seem almost impossible. To help improve your home’s laundry room, here are several must-do storage hacks for your Jacksonville home. 

Take Advantage of Unused Corners

When you have limited storage, it is important that you utilize every inch of space in the room. Corners are often left untouched but when designed well, they can become incredible storage solutions. One simple option is to build corner shelves. And to keep the room from looking too busy and cluttered, place baskets on these shelves. They can become ideal storage spaces for items such as extra towels, washcloths, etc. 

Place Your Appliances on a Pedestal

With a little bit of handwork, you can build a pedestal for your washer and dryer to sit upon. By doing this, you create plenty of space beneath the appliances for various items. This may be a great place to store extra laundry baskets and small totes filled with off-season clothing, extra bed linens, etc. 

Utilize Closet Organizers

If you are looking for a fast and simple way to bring additional shelving into your laundry room, use closet organizers. You can place these items in any closets located in the room or unused corners. Just be careful you don’t bring in too many items into this room. If the area is small, it may already look cramped and cluttered and more will hinder its look even more.

Build a Folding Station

By throwing clean clothes into a basket, it can make a room look messy. Multiple baskets can quickly take up space and it will require that you take the time to iron all of these wrinkled clothes as well. Place a small table in a corner of the room or if you have a front-loading washer, place a shelf on top of your washer and dryer. This not only gives you space to fold your clothes right after washing them, but you have more storage as well. 

A small laundry room doesn’t need to be an overwhelming challenge. You can still create a gorgeous, beautiful room even with small square footage. For more ideas on how to improve and stage your Jacksonville home visit my blog and check out my Facebook and Twitter pages.  

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