How to Prepare for Hurricane Irma

Posted by on Friday, September 8th, 2017 at 4:08pm

As everyone well knows, we are in the midst of one of the largest hurricanes ever recorded here in Florida. I truly hope everyone is staying safe and felt this article on Hurricane safety would be timely and helpful to my readers now and in future.

Prepare yourself

While evacuation is always a good idea, sometimes it isn’t always feasible when a hurricane is imminent. Whether you are staying or going, you are best to protect your Jacksonville home in the following ways:

Board up your windows and doors

Because winds can be very quick and flying objects are likely, windows will undoubtedly get broken. Protect your windows and your home’s interior by boarding up your windows and doors. Plywood is very inexpensive and easy to put up where you need it. Well before a hurricane, you can even take the time to screw in stainless steel hanger bolts into the window frame so you can easily mount your plywood at times of threat.

Get supplies

If you are staying during the hurricane, you’ll definitely want to get supplies ready. Water and non-perishable canned food is best (don’t forget the can opener) for at least seven days worth to feed your family. Don’t forget your pets either! Freezing water in advance is always a great idea, especially once the power goes out. Get any important documents like your birth certificate, passport, etc., and keep them safe and in a waterproof container and with you at all times during the storm. You may also want to prepare:

·         Medications

·         Flashlights and batteries

·         Clothing for wet conditions

·         Keys to your home, vehicle, etc.

·         Tools

·         First aid kit

You’ll also want to fill your vehicles with gas before the storm hits.

During the storm

Once the storm is hitting your community, your best bet is to stay put. Leaving your home may be dangerous as flying objects, downed power wires and other hazards are very likely. Find a safe spot within your home on the ground floor, preferably in an interior room, where there aren’t windows (such as in a closet if needed). Turn off your electricity and stay away from electrical objects. Wear rubber shoes if you need to walk in flood waters.

Once the storm is over

Turn on your radio or check on your phone to ensure the storm is truly over and not just that you are in its eye. Wait for the authorities to give you the all clear to come out and watch out for hazards like trees that are hanging, downed wires, and other unstable objects.

I wish everyone the best during this time and hope everyone stays safe!

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