Hacks to Make Your Move Much Smoother

Posted by on Monday, January 1st, 2018 at 9:35am

Whether you are moving to your dream home on the other side of Jacksonville or you are moving across the country, moving your belongings is an extremely overwhelming task. However, by utilizing a few simple tricks, you can pack your belongings quickly and prevent items from breaking. Additionally, you may even save some money instead of purchasing expensive moving equipment. Here are several moving hacks that you desperately need as you prepare for a move.

Use Your Socks

Rolled-up socks make excellent cushions in small box crevices. They can cushion items and prevent belongings from rolling around.  You can also place rolled-up socks in large glass vases to prevent breakage instead of stuffing the item full of paper or expensive packing supplies.

Buy Lots of Large Garbage Bags

One of the easiest ways to move clothing from your closest is by using large garbage sacks. Group items in your closet — still on the hanger — by similar sizes. For example, keep all T-shirts together, dresses together, etc. Grab a group of clothing and a large garbage sack. Open the bag and place the clothes inside it, with the hangers sticking out of the top. You can tie the bag around the hangers, allowing you to easily move the clothing and keeping them in large groups. The clothing stays clean and if they fall off the hangers, they’ll fall into the bag.

Save Your Toilet Paper Rolls

Empty toilet paper rolls are excellent moving companions. You can place charging cords, small extension cords, and even cables in them, making it extremely easy to keep everything organized. In addition, you can write on the outside of the toilet paper roll and label the cord.

Wrap Drawers and Organizers

Instead of unpacking dresser drawers, take out the drawers and wrap plastic wrap around each one. This keeps the clothes in place and makes unpacking less stressful. You can also use this trick on drawer organizers such as utensil holders or office supply containers.

Fill Your Dishes

Instead of just packing your casserole dishes, crock pots, and even your mixing bowls, fill them up with smaller items such as spices, measuring cups, measuring spoons, kitchen gadgets, etc. This can help cut down the use of boxes and makes it easy to keep kitchen items all together.

Take Lots of Pictures

Not only do you want to remember your old home, but you also want to make sure you remember how to put things back together. Take pictures of the back of your electronics so when you connect everything in your new home, you will remember where each cable goes. This little trick can save you a substantial amount of time.

Have a Go-To Box

Create a catch-all box. You can throw scissors, tape, pens, paper, etc. in it — basically anything that you may need when both packing and unpacking your new home. This will be one of the last boxes you tape shut and one of the first boxes you open. You can also pack a box of items you will need the first night in your Jacksonville home. This may include things like shampoo, soap, extra clothes, a book, pillow, etc.

By utilizing a few tricks, you can make the entire moving process go much smoother and be less frustrating. Call a Jacksonville real estate agent and don’t worry, you’ll be in your new Jacksonville dream home in no time.

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