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Posted by on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 at 9:30am

Decorating your home should be fun, but for some it is just a huge source of stress. Of course, you can hire a professional decorator to do the work, if you have the budget, but decorating yourself is much easier on the budget. For 2016, there are quite a few trends in home decoration and design. Choosing one that fits your personal style should be the easy part. The main themes of design in 2016 are simplicity, durability, function and statement.

Going tech-free

One large trend that we are seeing in many family homes is spaces where technology is not allowed. People are so busy and often immersed on one screen or another, so people are taking back their living space and family time while designating specific rooms as tech-free. These rooms could be a living room with couches and chairs set up for conversation, libraries or sunrooms set up for relaxing and finding a spot to read, or games rooms where the family can connect with a board game or other type of non-tech family activity.

Balance and symmetry

One of the latest trends in decorating your Jacksonville home in 2016 is to have spaces that are fully-decorated, but not overboard. This is where balance and symmetry plays a role. Think about bookcases and furniture that are flush with the wall, rather than sticking out, small details in rugs and other furnishings, rather than big and bold accents.

Form and function

Function is one of the most important aspects in a home design and people are realizing that while homes should look pretty, they should also make life easier. Installing large drawers in kitchens is one way of making a kitchen work better for the family cook. As well, families are finding that they need storage space and farmhouse-style entryways are huge for 2016. This type of entryway allows you the space for all of everyone’s stuff that they need to access on a regular basis as they enter and leave the home.


Along with function, homes need to have durable elements so homeowners aren’t replacing items every year or less. There is a rising trend in using outdoor fabrics indoors. These durable fabrics still look great, while also giving them the durability of something that can withstand the outdoor elements. As well, many of these outdoor fabrics tend to be bolder in order to compete with the natural scenery, so they also make a statement in the home.

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