Buying a Home with a Pool: What you Should Know

Posted by on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 at 11:31am

In our hot climate, you may be considering buying a home with a pool. You’re imaging hot nights spent swimming under the stars and cool wakeups under the sunshine. But, is buying a home with a pool a good idea? There are a number of considerations to think about when making this choice.

Are pools an asset?

In most of the country, a pool can actually bring down the value of your home. People worry about safety and maintenance costs and might be less willing to buy your home. But, in the hottest states like Florida, California, Arizona and Hawaii, a pool can increase the value of your home. The reason for this is that you really can enjoy the pool year-round and it might also be a necessity on the hottest days of summer.

What are the costs of maintaining a pool?

You could be spending upwards of $100 - $200 a month on maintaining your pool. Your pool needs:

  • ·        Skimming – this could be from an automatic skimmer or someone you pay to do this
  • ·        Vacuuming – the same goes for vacuuming, which needs to be done about once a week
  • ·        Brushing – keeps the walls clean
  • ·        Cleaning filters – need to be replaced or cleaned often
  • ·        Heater maintenance – serviced every few years
  • ·        Added water
  • ·        PH maintenance – through chemicals, which can get expensive

If you plan on heating your pool, be sure to budget for this cost, which could be in the thousands of dollars per year.

Does it need an inspection?

When you are considering a Jacksonville home with a pool, you should find a home inspector who has experience with pools. You want to check for structural issues, cracks, leaks and that all equipment is sound, including pumps and heaters.

Does it have proper fencing?

Most communities require a fence or other enclosure around your pool and Florida is no exception. You’ll want to ensure there is already proper fencing and that it is in good repair. If there isn’t, you could ask for it to be included in your offer, or you will be on the hook for this cost.

What are your insurance costs?

Before buying the home, you should check with your home insurance company to ensure having a pool doesn’t raise the costs immensely. Because your liability risk is raised, you may need extra coverage, which could cost you.

Having a backyard pool can be fun, relaxing and a smart decision, if you’ve thought about the practical complications. If you need help finding your dream home with a backyard pool, be sure to contact me!

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