Adding Curb Appeal to your Home

Posted by Krista Fracke on Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 at 9:45am

What is curb appeal? Wikipedia defines it as the attractiveness of the exterior of a property as viewed from the street. It is an indicator of “initial appeal” to homebuyers. As the clichés go, curb appeal will boost the chance a homebuyer has “love at first sight” because “first impressions do matter”.

If you are selling your home or just want to have great curb appeal (i.e., to impress your neighbors), there are quite a few ways of doing this, even if your home isn’t all that grand from the street.

Jazz it up

While you can’t always change the exterior materials on your home, you can definitely jazz them up. Your front door is a great example of something you can change and update in front of your home. Paint it a bold, but appealing color and update all of the hardware. There are some unique ideas out there for exterior doorknobs, but ensure that all hardware matches.

A very easy way to add curb appeal is to replace your house numbers with new ones that are unique and sexy. If you don’t have the budget, there are some simple and beautiful DIY projects that can be done in a weekend.

Make your home look symmetrical

Symmetry is very appealing to the eye, so arrange your light fixtures, plants, hardware and other features in a symmetrical composition. If you’ve got an unlimited budget, moving some windows and doors would also make a gigantic impact.

Add some beautiful lighting, especially to make a walkway to the front door, so when potential buyers drive by at night, all they see is a gorgeous home that is well-lit.

Landscaping the property is a definite must for curb appeal. But, sometimes too much can work against you. You want to showcase the house, not the garden. Plant your landscaping according to the size and shape of your house. A larger house won’t look right with a tiny row of small flowers and similarly, a small house won’t flourish with large shrubs and trees blocking the home.

Add a walkway

Part of the fun of curb appeal is giving guests the experience of walking to the front door, and this should be on a very clearly marked pathway. Of course, line this pathway with lighting and landscaping and you’ve got yourself a curb appeal winner. Choosing the right materials for your walkways depend on many questions, so do your research beforehand to choose one that looks great, but is going to stand up to the high amount of traffic any front yard will have.

If you need help defining what curb appeal is in Jacksonville and area, give me a call.

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