6 Tips for Staging Your Kitchen

Posted by on Tuesday, December 26th, 2017 at 6:17pm

If you want buyers to fall in love with your Jacksonville home, you must pay special attention to your kitchen. If this area is not to the buyers liking, or if it needs extensive repairs, it can cost a significant amount of money to repair and replace. Additionally, it can be the reason a potential buyer walks away. To make a great first impression, it is essential you work hard to stage your kitchen. Here are six tips to make the process a little easier.


While you should clean your entire home prior to selling, you want to pay special attention to the kitchen. This area of your home can quickly become one of the messiest and is an area where potential buyers will pay the most attention to detail. You want to deep-clean this area including your backsplash, appliances, baseboards, and even the ceiling if necessary.

Clear Off Countertops

In addition to deep-cleaning your kitchen, try to declutter and clear off your countertops. The more appliances and accessories you have sitting on your counter, the smaller your kitchen will appear. Experts recommend limiting the number of appliances you allow on the countertop to two.

Make the Kitchen Appear Bright

A bright and inviting kitchen is a major selling point for buyers. Even if you don’t have tons of natural light in your kitchen, you can add accent lights throughout the space to make the area brighter. Be sure to keep the lights on when buyers tour your home.

Add Place Settings to Built-in Seating

If the island, bar, or breakfast nook offers ample seating, place a beautiful place setting at each seat. This small task will draw attention to the built-in seating features and highlight this space in your kitchen. However, be cautious because if your kitchen is small, a large and exquisite place setting may make the room look even smaller.

Small Updates Make a Difference

While renovating a kitchen in Jacksonville can be a costly process, there are small tasks you can complete that will reap large results and greatly improve the sale of your home. For example, paint a wall or add new hardware to your cabinets. Even replacing your old worn-out kitchen table with a new table can affect the overall look of the kitchen and make it feel new, instead of like a fixer-upper with outdated items.

Add Color

By adding color to your kitchen, you are creating new focal points and making the room appear more bright and welcoming. This doesn’t mean you must paint bright wall colors. Instead, think of a bowl of colorful fruit on the table or a centerpiece with fresh flowers. You could even add some color with new towels or a table runner. Be creative with how and where you add the color to the room.

Staging the kitchen shouldn’t be something you take lightly. It should be something you make the time and effort to complete. However, don’t fret if it isn’t perfect. The goal is to make a terrific first impression and by following the above tips, you can make that happen.

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