6 Things Your Realtor Should Do For You When You Sell Your Home

Posted by on Friday, June 16th, 2017 at 1:58pm

If you are selling a Jacksonville home, you may be on the hunt for a real estate professional to guide you through the transaction. Many people wonder exactly what a realtor does for sellers and this list will tell you seven things your real estate agent should do for you while selling your Jacksonville home.

1.       Evaluate your home’s value

Your home’s value isn’t determined by what you think it should be sold for. Rather, it is determined by what it can be sold for. The factors that a home’s value relies on include comparable properties and their selling price, along with the square footage and features in your home that can bring up the value (recent renovations). A good agent will have access to all of this information that you won’t have, and will be able to set a reasonable price expectation for your home’s value.

2.       Set a listing price

You may think determining a home’s value and setting a listing price are the same thing, but good realtors know how to price a home, based on its value in order to get the most showings, the most offers and the best selling price for the home. They’ll set the strategy with you before listing.

3.       Tell you how to get your home ready for sale

Great agents know how to get homes “sale-ready”. There’s more to selling a home than cleaning up and putting a sign on the lawn. After pricing your home, your realtor will walk through the home, noting down areas where you can make improvements in order to make the home more appealing to buyers. While these improvements may not get you more money, they may make your home sell quickly and for the listing price.

4.       Market your property

In this digital age, marketing a property for sale has come a long way. Great realtors emphasize the most unique and sellable aspects of the property, using professional photography, videography and content. They make the home highly visible on the web, where the majority of buyers are starting their search.

5.       Communicate with you

Throughout this entire process, your agent should be communicating with you. Nothing they do should come as a surprise to you, as they should be including you in every step. If something just doesn’t jive with you, they should be willing to work with you to change it and make you happy. That said, a good agent isn’t going to do something out of their realm that they know will provide your home’s sale with a poor outcome (pricing over the value, for example). But, your agent should be available and ready to speak to you about your concerns at any time.

6.       Negotiate with other realtors

When the time has come and an offer has sprung, a great realtor won’t just accept a poor offer. They’ll use their finely-honed negotiating skills to deal with the buyers and their realtor to get you the best offer for your home. They’ll let you know when they think you’ve got a winner, based on what you want for your home, not just to sell it quickly.

7.       Help stage your home

Staging is an important part of the home selling process. An agent who specializes in staging can be immensely helpful and save you the cost of hiring one. I specialize in staging, so I can definitely help you out in this regard!

If you need more information on what I can do for you as you sell your Jacksonville home, let me know!

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