6 Steps for Selling Your Home with Pets

Posted by on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 at 8:10am

Dogs, cats, birds, lizards: you may love them all (and who doesn’t?). But, selling your home when you’ve got pets can be tricky, because honestly, some people don’t like animals in the home. Here are six steps to selling your home when you’ve got pets.

1.       Find someone to watch them

The first step is to get the pets out of the home and into the care of someone who can watch them for a few weeks. While this may be a heartbreaking task, it will be worth it when your home sells quicker and for more money.

2.       Clean the home from top to bottom

Pet owners often don’t recognize that their home smells like their dog or cat because they’ve gotten used to the smell. This smell may be offensive to some people and turn them off buying your home. Your best bet is to get your home professionally cleaned so it rids it of any pet hair and smell.

3.       Remove your pet’s belongings

Because you want Jacksonville home buyers to believe that pets have not lived in the home, you also need to take out any cages, aquariums, pet beds and toys. While it may not seem like a big deal, seeing an old litter box may have buyers believing there could be cat urine somewhere in the home. You are better off to get rid of it.

4.       Fix any pet damage

Your puppy may be the most well-behaved dog on the planet, but if they’ve inflicted any damages on your home, it is an absolute must that you fix them. This includes chew marks, scratches and of course, urine markings. Again, the purpose is not just to give your buyers a beautiful home to view, it is to give them one where they don’t know that pets have lived there.

5.       If you can’t get someone to watch your pet while your home is listed, take them out of the home for showings

This is the minimum required. The last thing that a buyer wants to see is a dog locked up in a crate or even just left in the backyard. It can distract them from the task at hand: viewing and buying your home! Always take your pet with you when you leave so potential buyers can freely feel they can view your home without a pair of eyes watching them.

6.       Sell your home your Jacksonville home

Once all traces of your wonderful pet have left your home, it leaves it open to buyers to buy it! You do want to keep it looking as it did at showing, so ensure your pet doesn’t inflict any damages on it in the time between offer and closing.

If you need help getting your home ready for sale, let me know!


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