6 Secrets to Staging Your Home

Posted by on Monday, October 16th, 2017 at 3:57pm

Your home — no matter its size, age or current condition —  has potential. When you stage your home, you showcase this potential and many of the features and unique characteristics that will attract potential buyers. You decorate, organize and show off your home to impress. It requires some work but when you do it right, you attract buyers and are more likely to receive a quick sale.

In some situations, you may not have the time or the budget to truly stage your home, but you should put ample time and effort into the process. Here are six secrets to staging your home and really impress prospective buyers.

Remove Family Pictures

One of the easiest ways to stage your home is to remove all personalized décor items. Take family pictures off the walls and remove random knick-knacks from your shelves. Buyers need to feel like the home has the potential to be their home and that they are not just visiting your house.

Remove Clutter

A cluttered area can feel dirty, even if you are a good housekeeper. Clutter can also give off the impression that you didn’t take care of the home well — that it wasn’t well-maintained. As you stage your home, spend a significant amount of time decluttering every room. Clean out closets, cupboards, the garage, etc., because you never know what doors and cupboards buyers will open.  If possible, pack away many items in closets and cupboards. Closets that are half-full look much more attractive than full ones.

Clear Off Counters

While you may keep personal hygiene items on bathroom counters for easy access and many of your most-used appliances on kitchen counters, it creates a more cluttered and disorganized look. Clearing off all counters provides a minimalist appearance and makes rooms appear larger. Also, don’t forget to clear out showers and sinks. You don’t want a beautiful shower to lose its appeal due to numerous shampoo bottles.

Remove Poor Odors

The smell of your home can automatically deter potential buyers, even if you have a beautiful home with plenty of charm. There are several natural ways to remove poor odors in your home such as boiling orange peels or wiping areas with rubbing alcohol. It is also wise to hire a professional to clean carpets to remove smells and musty odors.

Focus on Your Front Entry

Your front porch, door and entry are the first things people notice as they walk into the home. Make sure these areas are swept and look clean. Pick the weeds in the planters near the front of your home, paint the front door if necessary and keep the décor simple, yet inviting in the front of your home.

Add Additional Lighting

Bright homes are more welcoming and inviting. Most homes are improperly lit. Aim to have some type of lighting every 50 square feet in your home. Install a variety of lights throughout most rooms. If this seems difficult due to a limited budget or time restraints, focus on your main living areas such as kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.

Staging a home can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be. Focus on certain areas and certain tasks and you’ll see great improvements and reap big rewards.

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