5 Tricks to Staging Your Garage

Posted by on Friday, June 15th, 2018 at 5:16pm

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The garage is an important area in your home and should not be at the bottom of your priority list when staging the property. Unfortunately, this area of the home is often very messy, disorganized, and dirty and it is a project you simply don’t want to tackle. Here are five tricks to staging your garage to help you create a space that will instantly impress during every showing.

1. Clear the Floor

The floor in the garage can quickly become a catch-all for many boxes, yard equipment, bikes, strollers, etc. Instead of storing a pile of boxes in the corner, just remove them from this area. Declutter, place shelves along the wall, or rent a storage shed and place all extra items at this location. When items lay on the floor, it makes the garage appear small and poorly maintained.

2. Declutter

Take the time to declutter this area of your home. Donate old items that you don’t use. Throw away broken tools, old boxes, empty bottles, etc. The less you can store in the garage, the nicer it will be.

3. Make Sure All Lights Work

Test all the lights in your garage area and replace light bulbs if necessary. When something so small is working well, it gives off the impression that the rest of the area was well-maintained and cared for. Plus, this is a simple project that should only take a few minutes.

4. Add Storage Items

You can instantly spruce up a garage with the right storage options. Build shelves or install organizational units all around the garage area. If you have little room, consider adding these storage units on the ceiling. installing hooks is also ideal for items such as bicycles and tools.

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5. Clean

Staging your garage also includes lots of cleaning. Take the time to deep-clean this area of your home. Sweep or use a high-pressure washer and spray off the floor. Clean any floor mats and remove all spider webs. If you have a laundry area in the garage, this is even more important as you want this area to appear clean and functional.

While staging your garage can be a large project, by taking the time to do it properly, you can quickly reap the rewards. If you are ready to sell your Jacksonville home, contact real estate agent Krista Fracke today. She can help you throughout the entire selling process and provide expert advice on staging your garage and other areas in your home.

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