5 Tips to Finding a Great Real Estate Professional

Posted by on Friday, November 11th, 2016 at 3:40pm

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you need the right professional to look out for your best interests, find you what you need and represent you fairly. Finding a real estate professional is not as easy as closing your eyes and picking one out of the Yellow Pages. If you want someone who you know will work for you and get you the best value for your money, you need to do your research.

1.      Get a referral

The best way to find someone you’ll love is to ask around to people you trust. Because they know you, they’ll know what sort of characteristics you might need in a real estate professional, whether that is someone who will walk you through the process thoroughly or someone who is always available. Find out who others have used and ask them why.

2.      Use an agent who is online

An agent who has a great website, loaded with useful content, really takes pride in their business and their marketing strategies. A professional who takes the time to work on their business strategies will also take the time to find you what you need. As well, if they are posting your home on their website and with other online resources, you know more people will see it.

3.      Interview your candidates

Don’t just go with the first referral you get. Interview the real estate professionals you’ve found and find out exactly what it is they can do for you. Go with your gut, as well as your brain.

4.      Find one who is busy (but not too busy)

You want an agent who is always hard at work, although not one that interrupts your every meeting with a phone call or excuses themselves from a showing to text. If you ever get passed on to an assistant know that they aren’t working for you as best as they can.

5.      Check out their knowledge base

Every single homebuyer has specific things that they need or want in a property. You want an agent who knows the neighborhood and/or city you are buying in, so when you say you want to be less than a mile from the nearest Starbucks, they know exactly where to take you. The same goes for real estate topics. If you are interested in a fixer-upper, you want an agent who knows a little about renovations and can point you to the best “as is” homes.

Finding the right person to buy or sell a house with is a very important step in making the process as smooth as possible. Doing your due diligence before beginning the process is the key to making it all fit together.

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