5 Secrets to a Successful Open House

Posted by on Thursday, October 19th, 2017 at 4:42pm

While there are many tactics and options when it comes to selling your home, an open house is still a popular and effective method. An open house is when you set aside a certain amount of time for potential buyers to look at your home. Many real estate agents encourage an open house as it makes the home buying process more convenient for buyers. It allows buyers to tour your home on their own terms and without an appointment.

However, for an open house to be successful, it does require a little extra work. Here are five secrets to a successful open house.

Prep Your Home’s Exterior

While allowing buyers to come on their own free will is a benefit for open houses, it can also be a drawback. If prospective buyers aren’t immediately impressed, they won’t want to continue looking through your home. This means to pay extra attention to the exterior of your home. Plant flowers, mow the yard, weed your planters, etc. Do everything you can to make buyers want to come inside and see more.


You want your home to feel inviting and to make it extremely accessible for individuals attending your open house. Declutter all areas of your home including your garage, storage room, and closets. You never know where attendees are going to look as they walk through your home.

Spend Time Marketing

For your open house to be successful, you need people to know about it. Advertise online using several real estate websites, and share your listing on social media. You can also market near your home using street signs and banners. Additionally, make sure you market in advance. Don’t expect to promote your open house the day before the event and receive a large showing.

Utilize Your Home’s Lighting

Bright, open homes attract buyers more than those that are dark. Before the open house, open all the curtains and drapes in your home. Let in as much natural light as possible. Additionally, turn on all the lights in your home. This creates an even brighter atmosphere and really allows prospective buyers to see the potential your home has and many of its features.

Offer Refreshments

Serving food is an excellent way to get individuals to attend an event and it helps buyers feel more welcome. Serve light refreshments that correspond to the time of day of your open house. If holding the event in the morning, serve small brunch items or serve cookies in the afternoon. However, be mindful of the treat you choose as those that have an excess number of crumbs can create small messes and ruin the pristine look you want.

Remember that the success of your open house depends greatly on what you put into it. If you prepare well, you may reap big rewards and receive an offer on your home.

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