6 Cool Facts about Jacksonville

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Jacksonville is a beautiful city in eastern Florida that offers gorgeous beaches, thriving businesses, and fabulous amenities. Whether you are visiting this city for the first time or you have lived here your entire life, there are many unique and cool facts about this area that you may not know about. Here are just a few cool facts about Jacksonville. 

1. Jacksonville is the largest city in the continental United States. 

When measuring in square miles, Jacksonville has many cities beat with 840 square miles of area. If encompassing all 50 states, Anchorage would take the lead with more than 1,700 square miles

2. Julia and Laura Street were among the first city streets.

There are many names in this city to remind you of its vast and rich history. Laura and Julia streets, for example, were among the first city streets in the city. These streets were named after the city founder, Isiah Hart’s daughters. 

3. The Jacksonville Farmer’s Market is the oldest in the state.

While there are many farmer’s markets located across the country, Jacksonville’s is one that you definitely don’t want to miss. This is the oldest farmer’s market in the state of Florida and it was founded in 1939. More than 20,000 people visit this farmer’s market each week. 

4. The Alhambra Theatre opened in 1967. 

Have you enjoyed a dinner and show at the Alhambra Theatre? This is the longest running professional dinner theater in the nation, attracting thousands of guests every single year. 

5. Jacksonville is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. 

According to the 2016 U.S. Census Bureau report, Jacksonville is the 12thfastest growing city in the United States. Just within July 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015, the city increased by more than 13,000 individuals. 

6. One of the largest urban fires in the United States struck Jacksonville in 1901. 

The fire began when a spark blew into a local mattress factory. The fire lasted for more than eight hours and burned 2,368 buildings. It covered more than 146 city blocks and thousands of individuals were left without homes. 

Jacksonville has a rich history and many features, events, festivals, attractions, and landscapes that local residents and tourists do not know about or fully appreciate. What unique and cool facts do you know about this gorgeous city? 

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