4 Reasons to Always Hire an Inspector When Buying

Posted by on Monday, January 15th, 2018 at 4:20pm

Before you sign on the dotted line and purchase your Jacksonville dream home, it is crucial you are confident in your decision. You need to ensure the home has no hidden problems and there are no large expenses or disasters lurking in the background. Having a home inspection is common and highly recommended during the home-buying process. Here are four reasons you should always hire an inspector.

1. Discover Hidden Issues

One of the most common reasons many individuals choose to have a home inspection is to ensure everything is in working order and there are no potential problems. During a home showing, you are typically looking at the aesthetics and the functionality of the home. An inspector looks at the crucial components — the roof, electricity, plumbing, etc., — to determine if there are any problems or if a major repair is in the future.

2. Saves You Money

While a home inspector can cost a few hundred dollars, large unexpected repairs can drain your bank account. If large issues are discovered, particularly in critical areas of the home such as the foundation or the roof, the buyer can request that the seller take care of and pay for the repairs. In some cases, the seller and the buyer may even choose to split the cost of the repair, saving both parties money.

3. Helps You Prioritize

After the inspection, if you still choose to proceed forward with the purchase of the home, a home inspection gives you an idea of the areas and the tasks that you should complete first after moving into the home. Many Jacksonville real estate agents will recommend you meet with the home inspector to go over the report and his or her findings, or you attend the home inspection yourself. The inspector can talk with you specifically about what they found and how they recommend you solve the problem. This can help you prioritize your project list and make sure your home is in top working order shortly after you move in.

4. You Are More Satisfied with Your Purchase

A home inspection can give you comfort in knowing that your home is in good working order. It can give you more confidence in your purchase and prevent much worry and fear of large repairs that are inconvenient and expensive. Even if very few problems were found during the inspection, a home inspection can make you much happier and more excited for your new Jacksonville home.

It is important to remember that who you hire to conduct the home inspection is just as important as choosing to have a home inspection itself. You need to hire a home inspector who is thorough and does not cut corners. Reach out to your Jacksonville real estate agent for recommendations and guidance throughout the home inspection process. 

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