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Do You Need a Home Warranty?

If you have just purchased a new Jacksonville home, you might be wondering how to protect your new purchase. It's human nature to want to protect what we own; especially when it is likely the most expensive asset of our life. A home warranty isn't insurance. It is a service contract. Much like when you buy a computer, and the company offers a warranty to fix it if it breaks.  There are a number of things you need to consider before pulling the trigger on that home warranty.

What Does It Cost?

Typically a home warranty will cost you anywhere between $300 and $500. This warranty is going to cover things like plumbing, kitchen appliances, heating and electrical systems, exhaust fans, and whirlpool tubs.…

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Jacksonville is home to some really great events and festivals throughout the whole year. But, Spring is special. Some of Jacksonville's favourite events are underway this Spring. Here are some events that will be fun for the whole family. And guess what? Most of them are free!

The Spring Fun Pass

Jacksonville’s Spring Fun Pass can be purchased for $14.95. The Pass will allow holders access to laser tag, billiards, arcade games and more.

Spring Break at Jacksonville Ice

Lace up your skates and add a little winter to your spring break fun list. Jacksonville Ice is open all week and even has lessons available for the newbie in the family. A public skating session will run you around $12.

Springing the Blues Festival


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It doesn’t happen all at once. First, you are trying to find storage space in the top of the closet. Then, you're sliding Rubbermaid bins under the beds. Finally, you find yourself using that bedroom as an office/workout room/walk-in closet. Sound about right? You may have loved your Jacksonville home when you bought it- maybe you still love it. But is it time to make a move? Here are a few tell-tale signs it may be time to look for more space.

Intended Use

When you first bought your home in Jacksonville, you may have been single or newly married, and two bedrooms were enough. Now, with a child or two, the bedroom that they shared as babies may not work so well as toddlers. Or, if you’ve received a promotion at work, that second bedroom does not…

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As a first-time homebuyer, purchasing a new home in Jacksonville is an exciting experience. It is something you have likely saved and worked for years to achieve. But, this means that when purchasing your dream home, you need to make your decision wisely. You need a home that matches your lifestyle, your needs, and your future. Let’s talk about three things that all first-time homebuyers should look for in a new house in Jacksonville. 

1. A House You Can Grow Into

The average homeowner will live in their house for approximately10 years. This means that you need ample space to grow. If you have plans to expand your family, need room for a home office, etc., make sure that the home you are considering is large enough for your future growth. Before…

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How Much Is Your Home Worth?

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