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While specifications, location and price can attract potential homebuyers to your home, poor listing photos can quickly turn them away. Your listing photos are critical when selling your home in Jacksonville. These provide the first impression of your space and showcase the workmanship and beauty of your home. Here are five simple tips to make potential buyers quickly call and sign up to see your Jacksonville home.

1. Use Quality Equipment

With today’s technology, many individuals will walk through their home and take photos with their smartphone. While cell phone devices can capture decent digital images, nothing compares to images captured with high-quality cameras. If you don’t own a camera, borrow one from a friend or neighbor, or even invest in…

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Buying your first home in Jacksonville is something many individuals dream about but high credit score requirements, large down payments and substantial closing costs can make it seem unrealistic. Federal Housing Administration loans, also known as FHA loans, are one option for first-time home buyers to make this dream become a reality.

What is an FHA Loan?

FHA loans are home loans that are guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration. These loans are available from many private lenders and are enticing to first-time homebuyers because they don’t require a full 20% down payment. These loans are also easier to qualify for as borrowers don’t need high credit scores to receive approval.

What are the FHA Loan Qualifications?


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You have found your dream home in Jacksonville and now you want to make an offer. While in some markets you must act quickly to purchase your dream home, in others, you may have a little more time to carefully think through your actions. Regardless, there are a few financial matters you should consider before you sign any papers.

Property Taxes

While your mortgage payment may seem within reach, there are other monthly payments you must think about to ensure you truly can afford your dream home, such as the amount of property taxes you will pay. Before you make an offer, you can reach out to a local tax assessor for an estimate. Your tax rate will depend on where you live as well as the value of your home.

Homeowner’s Association Fees


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Purchasing a home is the American dream but it can cost you significantly if you aren’t fully prepared. Here are six signs that you should wait and not purchase a home in Jacksonville right now.

Your Budget is Tight

While you may have enough money each month to afford a mortgage, you should have a little set aside for unexpected costs and emergencies. As a homeowner, there will be many repair and maintenance costs that arise. You need enough wiggle room in your budget to cover all your necessities and many of these expenses.

Your Credit Score is Low

Poor credit scores may mean you can’t qualify for a home loan. However, if you do qualify, you may have high-interest rates and monthly payments. You want to raise your credit score before…

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