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Buying a home in Jacksonville is so exciting! Who doesn’t love visiting homes with the potential to buy? As a first-time homebuyer, you may be eager to get going, but before you do, you’ll want to read this article so you don’t make some very common house hunting mistakes. Here are eight of the most common ones.

1.       You don’t use a real estate agent

Mistake #1 is a big one: you didn’t use a real estate agent. Many home buyers mistakenly believe they don’t need an agent to view and purchase homes, but that is a costly mistake. First of all, many agents representing buyers don’t take a commission from the buyers – it comes from the sellers. This means that their service to you is actually cost-free. And the service they are giving you is…

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Dogs, cats, birds, lizards: you may love them all (and who doesn’t?). But, selling your home when you’ve got pets can be tricky, because honestly, some people don’t like animals in the home. Here are six steps to selling your home when you’ve got pets.

1.       Find someone to watch them

The first step is to get the pets out of the home and into the care of someone who can watch them for a few weeks. While this may be a heartbreaking task, it will be worth it when your home sells quicker and for more money.

2.       Clean the home from top to bottom

Pet owners often don’t recognize that their home smells like their dog or cat because they’ve gotten used to the smell. This smell may be offensive to some people and turn them off buying your…

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Fitness enthusiasts love the endless options for running and walking in the Jacksonville area. The number of trails, beaches, and parks are one of the top reasons why homeowners seek out the Jacksonville area when buying a home. Voted as one of the “10 Best Places to Run While You’re Away from Home” by USA Today, it’s easy to see why Jacksonville is one of the most desirable areas for people who live an active lifestyle.

Whether you’re a serious runner or a casual walker, there are many fantastic spots for getting outdoors and working up a sweat. There’s something for everyone, whether you love to walk scenic trails or jog in urban areas. Take your pick from these great areas for running, walking, and enjoying the best of Jacksonville’s beautiful…

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As everyone well knows, we are in the midst of one of the largest hurricanes ever recorded here in Florida. I truly hope everyone is staying safe and felt this article on Hurricane safety would be timely and helpful to my readers now and in future.

Prepare yourself

While evacuation is always a good idea, sometimes it isn’t always feasible when a hurricane is imminent. Whether you are staying or going, you are best to protect your Jacksonville home in the following ways:

Board up your windows and doors

Because winds can be very quick and flying objects are likely, windows will undoubtedly get broken. Protect your windows and your home’s interior by boarding up your windows and doors. Plywood is very inexpensive and easy to put up where you…

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