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There are things you want in a home and things you need. Obviously, your needs come before your wants. Generally, there are three basic needs when it comes to buying a home in Jacksonville: location, price and size. Everything else is truly inconsequential. Really, even size can be compromised on, but price and location are two factors when buying a home that should not be changed. In terms of price, you have a maximum budget and you pretty much have to stick to that (unless you have a rich benefactor who is going to give you money for a more expensive home). It all comes down to location. Location is the most important factor to consider when buying a home. But, why?

Location, location, location

You’ve heard the old adage, buy the worst home on…

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First time homebuyers in Jacksonville come as green as they get. They want to buy their first home and dive in head first, literally screaming for the sellers to take their money and give them the keys. But, caution is always important when making a transaction as large as this. While your down payment and mortgage payments are the biggest expenses that you know about when you become a home owner, there are many hidden expenses that you should know about before buying a home in Jacksonville.

1.       Property taxes

It is super important that you factor in the monthly cost of property taxes when you do your budget and not just your monthly mortgage payment. Depending on the value of your property, you could be paying a hefty chunk of change to…

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You’ve found that dream home, you’ve worked with your Realtor to work out a good offer price and now you... wait. When you are waiting for an answer to whether or not you’ve purchased a home, the waiting can be ultra-stressful. Here are 10 things you can do instead of stressing while waiting for your home offer to hopefully be accepted and 10 things you definitely shouldn’t do.

1.       Have a drink (or two)

One way to be relaxed is to go for a drink or two with a trusted friend who understands what waiting is like.

2.       Look at more houses

While you’ve put an offer in and you hope the sellers accept, it doesn’t hurt to look at other houses just in case the offer is rejected. Stopping your home search could set you back, especially if…

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Whether you’re changing the flooring to make your home more appealing to buyers or because you just need a change in your home, there are a number of decisions to make in deciding what flooring is best. Ask yourself the following questions when figuring out your flooring needs:

·         Is this an investment?

·         What is the size of the room?

·         What is my budget?

·         What is the use of the room?

·         What is the traffic in the room?

·         Does the space have a lot of moisture?

·         How much maintenance do I want to perform?

·         What will buyers want (if selling)?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can get a better idea of what type of flooring is best for the space based on the…

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As a first-time homebuyer in Jacksonville, you may have to choose a house that is on the small side. They truly don’t call it a starter home for nothing. One of the rooms that may be small could be the bathroom and there’s not much worse than having a bathroom with limited space. But, there are several hacks and DIY projects you can do to make the best use of your small bathroom space. Here they are.

1.       Move the sink to the corner

If you have a bit of a renovation budget, moving things will make sense and give you more room. A corner sink takes up less space in a way and gives you room to maneuver in the bathroom.

2.       Float the vanity

While you’re at it, if you mount your vanity higher you’ll create the illusion that the space…

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