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Your curb appeal plays a major role in how your home is viewed. When you are selling your home, it is your potential buyer’s first impression. Because of this, it is important that you ensure that as soon as someone walks up to your home that they are seeing it at its full potential. There are a few quick hacks that can make a surprisingly big difference in your curb appeal.

Use a Runner On Your Steps

You can find runners in materials that will not degrade in the outside environment and then use these to spice up your steps. This works whether you have one step or several because it helps to draw the eye to the front of your home and where people need to go to enter. A good runner can also provide extra safety by making your steps less slippery…

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Clutter: it can take over home and truly your life. You save things because of sentiment, hopeful practicality and just because you paid money for it and don’t want to get rid of it. None of these reasons are good ones to keep things that you don’t use, love or truly need. If you are selling your Jacksonville home, this is even more incentive for you to give up the clutter, so your potential buyers can see a home that is spacious, cozy and where they won’t focus on the stuff. Here are 10 principles that will help you clear the clutter.

1.       Decide what’s important in your life

You may need to do a little soul searching or it may take you 30 seconds to decide, but by figuring out what’s truly important in your life, it will make it easier for…

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Being organized is difficult for most people, especially for parents with children who seem to wreck any little bit of organization you do manage to attain. Set up a family command center and watch your organization level soar. Here’s how:

What is a family command center?

It is here that you’ll be able to keep everyone organized in terms of schedule, paperwork and other important things to do. By keeping it all in one central location, family members know where and what to access when they need it.

Find the perfect space

Your command center should be in a well-trafficked area, but where you don’t mind a little bit of a cluttered look. You’ll need wall space, desk space and maybe a few shelves or a bookcase. Some people make this space a…

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The kids have moved on and left home, your job is becoming a daily pain in the butt and the endless snow shoveling in the winter is back breaking. You may be dreaming about lounging in the sunshine, with no one to bother you but the seagulls. Retiring to Florida is a dream of many, but it doesn’t just need to be something you fantasize about, it can become a reality. Here’s how.

1.    Florida’s cost of living is cheaper than many other places

Food, housing and healthcare are all less expensive in Florida’s cities and towns than they are in most other states. The median home price in Jacksonville is $138,900. Compare that to other U.S. cities like Denver, Colorado ($343,400) or in New York State, where it is $270,200. The cost of living is 8%…

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