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Looking for the perfect place to propose in Jacksonville? Well, you are in luck, because we’ve got no shortage of beautiful and life-altering spots for you to ask your beloved to share the rest of your life with you.

St. Augustine

You want to create a new history with your loved one and why not do that in a historical town like St. Augustine? It is the nation’s oldest city. You can rent a horse-drawn carriage and make the day super special or take a stroll along the cobblestone walls. Have dinner at Collage Restaurant or Cellar 6 for a romantic evening after your proposal.

Restaurant Orsay

Proposing over an elegant meal is never cliché. Do it right at Jacksonville’s most romantic restaurant – Orsay. This French bistro will please the…

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Did you know that homes that are staged sell faster and for more money? For every $100 that you invest into staging, your potential return is about $400. Staged homes sell for about 17% more on average and 87% faster than non-staged homes. So, how do you stage a home?

Step 1: Get rid of as much as you can

One of the biggest reasons staged homes look bigger and cleaner is that a large number of items are removed from the home. This includes furniture, decor and even functional items. Counters should be mainly cleared and even shelves shouldn’t have stuff piled on them. But, don’t think that you can just shove everything into a closet or storage area, because this area needs to be staged too. Buyers want to see that they’ll have space for all…

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Rather than move to a new home with a beautiful kitchen, many Jacksonville homeowners are opting to renovate their out-of-date kitchens in order to provide beauty, functionality and purpose. But, many who do renovations go in blind to the true cost. What does it really cost to renovate a kitchen in Jacksonville?

Average reported costs

On average, it costs nearly $22,000 to renovate a kitchen in Jacksonville. On the low end, you can do it for $10,000, but some spend over $30,000. The average is close to the national average, but those numbers are within a wider range, with a low-cost kitchen costing only $4,500 and a high-cost kitchen costing $50,000.

Costs to consider

When you are considering your renovation budget, you may be only…

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If you are relocating to the Jacksonville area, first of all, I want to say you are making an excellent choice! Second, you may need help doing so and what’s great about our area is that we have a number of helpful online resources that will make your transition seamless. Check out these great blogs, where you will find information on almost any topic related to the Jacksonville area.

The Visit Jacksonville Blog

Written by local experts, the Visit Jacksonville blog covers everything you would want to do in Jax with articles like “Where to Carb-Load” and “Free History”.

Jacksonville Moms Blog

For every Jacksonville mom who wants to discover things to do and places to go with their little ones. They’ve got a guide to Jax photographers and…

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Whether you are buying or selling a home or just have a general interest in the real estate market, there are a number of myths perpetuated out there and should be debunked. Here are five of the most common real estate myths.

You should wait until spring to list

Because spring truly is the most popular time to list a home in the country, people mistakenly believe it is also the best time to sell. When you list your home in the spring, you also face more competition, which means that your home could take longer to sell and could sell for less money. More competition for sales means fewer buyers, which means that spring could actually be a tougher time to sell.

You don’t need an inspection

Whether you are buying your first or last home, you…

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