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While Jacksonville has tons to do, sometimes you want to venture a little further from home. We are lucky here in Jacksonville to have so many great attractions within a few hours’ drive. If you are a resident or a visitor of Jacksonville, you’ll want to take note of these four great road trips to be had.

Daytona Beach

Everyone’s heard of Daytona Beach and that’s because it is a must-see for anyone in the state of Florida. Just a 1.5 hour drive from Jacksonville, it is here that you’ll take part in their very viable cultural and culinary attractions. They’ve got 23 miles of coastline, that make it an ideal spot for families, couples and singles. Also known as the world’s most famous beach, it is great for any budget, with everything from…

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Jacksonville is the place to be if you want good food, lively nightlife and a historical feel. Jax is the place not just to visit, but also to live. This article will tell you about Jacksonville’s best restaurants.

The French Pantry

With both French and American cuisine, this family restaurant is well-loved in Jacksonville. You’ll have to bear some long lines, but you won’t regret it, especially when there is a lemonade stand to keep you cool while you wait. Freshly-made breads and cakes are The French Pantry’s speciality, but their sandwiches are also the talk of the town.


Another local favorite, bb’s has a diverse menu and amazing top-notch service. While their desserts are fabulous, you’ll want to try the calamari, it’s apparently…

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Moving can be stressful, physically taxing and not easy on the wallet. Even with how horrible moving can be, people do it on a regular basis. The U.S. Census Bureau suggests that over 40 million people in this country move in one year. That’s about 14% of the population! Many of those move within the U.S., but some will move to another state or even another country. Moving further away compounds the stress that people feel from moving. But, there are ways to make your move much simpler.

Choosing a good time to move

Typically, many people move on the first of the month. The reason for this is that leases generally start on this day. This leads to competition for movers, moving trucks and other moving resources, which means prices could be higher…

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