20 things to do while waiting for your offer to be accepted

Posted by on Thursday, August 17th, 2017 at 2:17pm

You’ve found that dream home, you’ve worked with your Realtor to work out a good offer price and now you... wait. When you are waiting for an answer to whether or not you’ve purchased a home, the waiting can be ultra-stressful. Here are 10 things you can do instead of stressing while waiting for your home offer to hopefully be accepted and 10 things you definitely shouldn’t do.

1.       Have a drink (or two)

One way to be relaxed is to go for a drink or two with a trusted friend who understands what waiting is like.

2.       Look at more houses

While you’ve put an offer in and you hope the sellers accept, it doesn’t hurt to look at other houses just in case the offer is rejected. Stopping your home search could set you back, especially if the sellers are taking their sweet time responding.

3.       Go see a movie

If you expect to get your offer returned in a few hours, seeing a movie is the perfect distraction.

4.       Have a party

You could celebrate that you’ve bought a house or just have people over to keep you distracted. Your choice. Just beware that if the offer comes back and needs a counter, you may have to kick everyone out or leave them at your house while you deal with it.

5.       Feel good about your offer

Many times people stress after the fact that their offer wasn’t good enough. If you’ve worked with your agent and put together a reasonable offer, feel confident that you are putting your best feet forward.

6.       Create a budget

Buying a house is expensive and you may need to change your budget. Why not spend some time getting that done while waiting for your offer to be accepted?

7.       Decide on the highest price you will pay for the home

In the instance that the sellers counter, you should be prepared to counter as well or accept or reject their new terms. Know exactly the most you’ll pay for the home so you are already in a position to act and so you won’t act on emotion alone.

8.       Read a book

Books are great distractions and with this distraction, you’ll never forget the book you read while waiting to buy your first home.

9.       Start a blog

It could be on the perils of the home search or it could be on kittens. Take your pick.

10.   Go workout

Exercise is such a great stress reliever and allows you to keep your mind off your impending offer decision.

What not to do:

1.       Pick out paint colors

2.       Order a moving truck

3.       Imagine your future children in this home

4.       Shop for furniture

5.       Stress about how good your offer was

6.       Scout out the house to see what the sellers are doing

7.       Put in another offer on another house

8.       Plan a vacation

9.       Collect boxes and start packing

10.   Sell your house

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