10 Hacks to Help You Live With Your Small Bathroom

Posted by on Friday, August 4th, 2017 at 3:48pm

As a first-time homebuyer in Jacksonville, you may have to choose a house that is on the small side. They truly don’t call it a starter home for nothing. One of the rooms that may be small could be the bathroom and there’s not much worse than having a bathroom with limited space. But, there are several hacks and DIY projects you can do to make the best use of your small bathroom space. Here they are.

1.       Move the sink to the corner

If you have a bit of a renovation budget, moving things will make sense and give you more room. A corner sink takes up less space in a way and gives you room to maneuver in the bathroom.

2.       Float the vanity

While you’re at it, if you mount your vanity higher you’ll create the illusion that the space is larger. But, if you need this room for storage, it won’t be a great idea.

3.       Get a larger mirror

Adding something larger in this case will actually give you more room. The reason is that even if the mirror doesn’t sit right over the sink, two people can still use it at once. Also, mirrors make a space appear larger.

4.       Put the towel bar on a door

Save that precious wall space for your mirror and whatever else you need and put the towel bar on the door or the shower door.

5.       Mount the faucet on the wall

By doing this, you can opt for a slimmer sink, which gives you more room to move around in the bathroom.

6.       Use spice racks for storage

Bathrooms don’t always need a ton of shelves, but spice racks take up just enough room to store your toiletries.

7.       Use coat hooks for your towels

Coat hooks take up much less space and allow you to hang more towels on the wall.

8.       Put a shelf above the door

Thinking up in this case means putting your extra storage above the door, where this space is usually empty.

9.       Roll your towels

Rather than folding them, rolling them lets you fit more in and it seems more spa-like.

10.   Cut in your closet

If the bathroom doesn’t have a closet, see if you can cut one in (depending on what’s behind the wall). You can easily add a set of drawers or shelves by taking from a larger room on the other side of the bathroom.

If these hacks don’t work to change your tiny space, maybe it’s time for a new home. Let me know if I can help!

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