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While Jacksonville has tons to do, sometimes you want to venture a little further from home. We are lucky here in Jacksonville to have so many great attractions within a few hours’ drive. If you are a resident or a visitor of Jacksonville, you’ll want to take note of these four great road trips to be had.

Daytona Beach

Everyone’s heard of Daytona Beach and that’s because it is a must-see for anyone in the state of Florida. Just a 1.5 hour drive from Jacksonville, it is here that you’ll take part in their very viable cultural and culinary attractions. They’ve got 23 miles of coastline, that make it an ideal spot for families, couples and singles. Also known as the world’s most famous beach, it is great for any budget, with everything from

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Jacksonville is the place to be if you want good food, lively nightlife and a historical feel. Jax is the place not just to visit, but also to live. This article will tell you about Jacksonville’s best restaurants.

The French Pantry

With both French and American cuisine, this family restaurant is well-loved in Jacksonville. You’ll have to bear some long lines, but you won’t regret it, especially when there is a lemonade stand to keep you cool while you wait. Freshly-made breads and cakes are The French Pantry’s speciality, but their sandwiches are also the talk of the town.


Another local favorite, bb’s has a diverse menu and amazing top-notch service. While their desserts are fabulous, you’ll want to try the calamari, it’s apparently

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Moving can be stressful, physically taxing and not easy on the wallet. Even with how horrible moving can be, people do it on a regular basis. The U.S. Census Bureau suggests that over 40 million people in this country move in one year. That’s about 14% of the population! Many of those move within the U.S., but some will move to another state or even another country. Moving further away compounds the stress that people feel from moving. But, there are ways to make your move much simpler.

Choosing a good time to move

Typically, many people move on the first of the month. The reason for this is that leases generally start on this day. This leads to competition for movers, moving trucks and other moving resources, which means prices could be higher

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Painting your Jacksonville home can give your home the facelift it needs to look great and make you love your home again. If you are selling your Jacksonville home, a paint job is a must on the to-do list. You’ll want to paint over the tired and personal colors you currently have on your walls and instead paint in the newest, trendiest and most-appealing colors for 2016.

Being a coastal city, the trends might be a little different in Jacksonville than they are in the rest of the country. While you don’t have to follow the coastal paint trends of turquoise or bright and tropical colors, some designers favor those colors in your Florida home.

Dark colors like black, slate gray, chocolate brown and dark plum are giving sophisticated and glamorous

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Oftentimes before a house closes you’ll do a final walkthrough to ensure everything that was specified in a contract has been done or is still in good condition. Typically, you want this walkthrough to be as close to closing as you can get it, so there are no surprises in the days that follow. During this walkthrough, there are a number of things you should look for. Sometimes you may even want two walkthroughs, especially if you’ve requested repairs to be done.

Bring your home inspection report with you and check on items that you’ve asked to be repaired. You may also want to check on items that were in good or deteriorating condition in the report and ensure they are still in the same condition. In order to test that things are working do the

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Decorating your home should be fun, but for some it is just a huge source of stress. Of course, you can hire a professional decorator to do the work, if you have the budget, but decorating yourself is much easier on the budget. For 2016, there are quite a few trends in home decoration and design. Choosing one that fits your personal style should be the easy part. The main themes of design in 2016 are simplicity, durability, function and statement.

Going tech-free

One large trend that we are seeing in many family homes is spaces where technology is not allowed. People are so busy and often immersed on one screen or another, so people are taking back their living space and family time while designating specific rooms as tech-free. These rooms

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If you watch home renovation and buying and selling shows, you know staging a home for sale will get you the most money for your home. Buyers want to be wowed and in order to have them overlook the downfalls of the home, staging the home will have them only seeing the great parts of the home. It can be a little bit of smoke and mirrors, but staging has been proven to work to help your home sell faster and for more money.

Did you know that I spend quite a bit of time helping my clients stage their homes and even perform much-needed renovations? I want to help you get maximum dollar from your home sale and I know exactly how to do it. But, there are mistakes that people make when staging their homes and this article will tell you the biggest ones.

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You’ve got the stable job and you feel like you are ready to head out on your own. Renting doesn’t do it for you and you think you are ready to buy a house, but are you really ready? There are a few questions first-time homebuyers need to ask themselves to find out if they are truly ready to buy that first house.

Do I have a good down payment?

To purchase a home here, you need 3-5% of the purchase price right up front, but having up to 20% is much more desirable. Ask yourself if waiting another year to sock away more of a down payment is a good idea. If you live somewhere where your rent is low (like with your parents), staying put and saving more is definitely a great idea. Don’t forget about closing costs either, as those little costs add up

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Watching the latest home renovation shows you might have the impression that by investing a few dollars in your home renovations, you’ll see a massive return back into your home. This isn’t fully true. First of all, you need to consider the value of the homes in your immediate area. Having the most-upscale home on the block might be nice, but it won’t necessarily increase the value, as homes generally depreciate in value over time while the land appreciates. This is called overbuilding for the neighborhood. Your home value is mostly based on square footage of your home and property, the location, the market, with the interior of the home having the least impact on value.

Renovations that don’t add value include:

  • ·        Adding a swimming
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First-time homebuyers often want to be one-time homebuyers, finding the home they’ll get married in, raise their children in and hopefully retire in. This is called a forever home. It can be quite different from a starter home, a move-up home or a retirement home, as it needs the functions and value of all three of these types of homes. There are some unique features to look for in a forever home.

Adequate space

Thinking about your future is very important in a forever home and if you plan to have a large family, you should plan on those sleeping arrangements now. Having a bedroom or enough space for each child is usually very high on a new parent’s wishlist. Sharing bedrooms can work, but they can also be an incredible hassle, especially as

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